It’s time to taste the future with world’s first Maltesers cake developed by Artificial Intelligence

Is creativity the final frontier for Artificial Intelligence (AI)? AI can beat the best chess players in the world at their own game and drive a car on a motorway free from human interference. But, can machine learning triumph over a professional baker in creating the ultimate Maltesers® cake? Can taste ever be truly digitized? 

At Mars Wrigley, we thought it was about time we found out! So, we partnered with Google Cloud to create the world’s first ever Maltesers® AI Cake (it’s called the ‘Maltesers® 4d6172730a’ in case you were wondering). A top Google Cloud engineer created a new machine learning model that used hundreds of existing recipes from cakes to scones to develop the ultimate Maltesers® dessert. 

Folks, it’s time to taste the future. 

I say we created a cake, it’s actually a ‘cakie’ – or a cookie on the bottom and a cake on the top to you and me. Long story short, it tastes great and our collaboration with the Google Cloud team has opened our eyes to the endless possibilities of how AI can bring innovation to the kitchen and inspire more Better Moments for people who love our products and are looking for new ways to use them at home.  

Mars Wrigley has been a pioneer of chocolate innovation for nearly a century. From the candy coating of M&M’s, to the first mainstream vegan bar with Galaxy Vegan: Creativity, and putting our consumers first, is at the heart of what we do. Our collaboration with Google Cloud is the next step in that journey. After all, we’re in the business of creating Better Moments. And with the Maltesers® 4d6172730a cake, we’re doing just that. 

Of course, there will always be a place for wonderfully serendipitous discovery. It’s why our treats are so magical. Who would have thought, for example, malted milk in chocolate would be such a great and enduring combination?

For now, though – I invite you to head to https://www.bakeagainstthemachine.co.uk where, after answering a couple of quick questions, you’ll get a very special personalised Maltesers® recipe recommendation and, of course, step-by-step instructions on how to make the world’s very first Maltesers® Artificial Intelligence Cake. 

Cathryn Sleight 
Chief Growth Officer, Mars Wrigley