Treats and Trains! Mars Wrigley to feature in Great British Railways Journeys on the BBC tonight

To get to our chocolate production lines in Slough you must first walk along a long corridor that is adorned with photographs from our 90-year history in the town. As you hike along the hallway, with the smell of chocolate filling your nose, you can’t help but be struck by the sense of enduring progress and innovation. From the creation of iconic brands like Maltesers, to the careful crafting of treats from Mars bars to MilkyWay: hundreds of millions of Better Moments have been brought to the nation from our home in Slough. 

What is clear as you make your way down the passageway, is that a pioneering spirit is deeply engrained in our business. Forrest Mars Snr. arrived in Britain on a bank holiday in 1932 with not much more than the recipe for the Mars bar in his back pocket. Two years later Mars employed over 300 people. Today that number stands at over a thousand in Slough alone.  

Generations of families have worked at this hallowed site of chocolate creation. For many it is more than just a job, it’s part of their identity. And I’m proud that it’s now part of mine too.

Our Marketing Director, Kerry Cavanaugh, recently spoke to the BBC about our heritage in the UK and you can watch that interview tonight on BBC Two at 6:30pm during Great British Railways.

Adam Grant, Mars Wrigley UK General Manager