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  • Brand new  research proves that the majority of people prefer the taste of Galaxy chocolate over Dairy Milk*, which is widely considered to be the nation’s favourite 
  • The independent blind taste test also discovered that 62% of Brits find Galaxy to be more indulgent, and a whopping 76% find Galaxy to be the smoother chocolate*
  • To celebrate, Galaxy launches nationwide ‘chocolate amnesty’, which will encourage Brits to hand over their unwanted Dairy Milk and get Galaxy chocolate in return. No questions asked!

Slough, UK, 7th July 2021 — A choc-ing new UK independent study, released to coincide with World Chocolate Day, has revealed that the majority of people prefer the taste of Galaxy chocolate over the presumed nation’s favourite, Cadbury Dairy Milk*.   

In a Bournville bombshell, the  research, which was conducted during May of this year, has also discovered that over six out of ten Brits find Galaxy to be more indulgent and an enormous 76% find Galaxy to be the smoother chocolate experience*.  

The sweet study involved a team of top independent sensory experts carrying out a blind taste test with hundreds of people in a sensory studio to ensure the integrity of the results. 

The paired preference test – or a ‘choc-off’ for the non-sensory specialists – saw blindfolded Brits receive two squares, one of each chocolate sample. They were then asked by the sensory boffins which sample they preferred. Galaxy chocolate received a majority of 56%*.  

To celebrate its confectionery conquest in the self-proclaimed Bar Wars, Galaxy has launched a nationwide amnesty campaign that is sure to choc the boat. The campaign will see all Brits able to return their unwanted Dairy Milk for free and get Galaxy chocolate in return.

Talking about the chocolate amnesty, Ellyse O’Connor, Galaxy Senior Brand Manager, said: “We think everyone deserves great tasting chocolate, and today’s independent study proves that people prefer Galaxy to our purple peers. So, send us your Dairy Milk and we’ll swap it for a Galaxy bar. No questions asked… It’s time for the nation to pick a side!”

While the exact recipe for Galaxy chocolate, which has always been made in Britain since the brand launched in 1961, is still a closely guarded secret –  Galaxy’s scientists have today peeled back the chocolate curtain and revealed that: using a traditional method of cooking the chocolate, finely milling it, and adding a touch of natural vanilla is the secret to sweet success.     

Barry Glazier, Senior Chocolate Fellow, said: “Great chocolate comes down to selecting the finest ingredients and combining them at just the right ratio. With Galaxy, we’re able to make a silky-smooth chocolate that has a richness of flavour by using a special cooking process that brings out the underlying caramel essence along with the welcoming comfort of cooked milk.”  

Galaxy’s senior sensory scientist, and professional chocolate taste tester, Sarah Billson has also revealed that, through extensive research, three distinct ‘stages of taste’ have been identified when eating Galaxy chocolate. 

  1. The Sweet Release of the first bite that is unmistakably smooth
  2. The Sustained Pleasure of creamy chocolate melting in the mouth
  3. The Galaxy Afterglow of the irresistible taste of chocolate as it lingers on the tongue  

Today’s landmark study is sure to set eyebrows waggling and gorillas drumming and spark a confectionery debate for the ages among British choc-lovers who, between them, ate 187 million Galaxy treats in 2019 alone!

Members of the public who would like to surrender their Dairy Milk and receive a Galaxy bar in return should go to to learn more about the chocolate amnesty. 

*In blind sampling of 201 UK consumers during May 2021, 56% preferred the taste of Galaxy Milk Chocolate to Cadbury Dairy Milk, 62% found Galaxy to be more indulgent, and 76% found Galaxy to be the smoother chocolate compared with Cadbury Dairy Milk